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TEST DRIVE #3 - Alien Bazaar/Ten Forward


Option 001. Alien planet, marketplace: So you're new to this whole space travel thing. The ship is cool and all, but there are hundreds of alien worlds out there. You want to explore. To see what the universe REALLY looks like.

Well, here's your chance! Your first stop is this lovely indoor marketplace, which looks kind of like a mall. There are stalls one after the other as far as the eye can see, and they sell all kinds of things: food, clothes, trinkets, animals, fabrics, jewelry, perfumes, books, etc etc. Some things look human, easy to recognize; other things look very alien. There are two levels, and constant chatter as people hawk their wares and discuss prices.

Do you want to explore? Poke at the weird shops? Buy a gift for a new friend? Flirt with someone at the food court? Maybe you see a pickpocket, and must run to the aid of the victim. Maybe there's some other villainy afoot. After all, a crowded marketplace is a good place for villains to lurk, causing trouble. Whether you're a hero or just an unassuming traveler, there proves to be some adventure for you on this planet.


Option 002. Aboard the Enterprise, Ten Forward: You have no idea what just happened. One minute you were home, and now you're on a spaceship, in the middle of a crowded room. It looks like a bar. There are people eating and drinking, some in uniform, others not. Some are clearly aliens.

You've managed to land in Ten Forward a long bar with barstools and a bartender, tables sprinkled throughout, and the far wall is nothing but windows out to space. It looks like a nice lounge, low conversation making the room hum.

Better ask some questions and find out where you are, or just tap the closest person on the shoulder and try to make friends. The bar is open.
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Telemachus Rhade | Andromeda

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Rhade had been sitting at the bar on Seefra, arguing with Harper over whether or not he could get another drink. Harper was under the mistaken impression that he was cut off. You'd think after growing up with Nietzcheans, the little man would have figured out by now that antagonizing them was a bad idea. Especially for one so itsy bitsy. Fortunately for Harper, Rhade was so sloshed he could barely stand. Good thing he was sitting down.

"Harper, give me that bottle." Rhade addressed Harper who was....there a second ago. He looked around. Not in the same place he was. Well, at least it was still a bar. And it wasn't Seefra. Probably Dylan or Trance's fault.

"....whatever. Someone get me another drink."
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Re: Telemachus Rhade | Andromeda

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He knows that voice.

It's not how he's used to hearing it, but he knows it. He doesn't know how or why it's here, but that voice used to be at his right hand.

Until Rhade, best friend, best man, first officer, turned on him and betrayed him to a rebellion. Oh. And tried to kill him.

He's drawn his force lance almost before he's aware of it.

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Re: Telemachus Rhade | Andromeda

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That was one way to bring a guy out of a drunken stupor. Instantly, Rhade's glass went onto the table and his hands went into the air.

"Woah, woah. Dylan. Fine. Harper can keep the bottle of booze. But, just so you know, he did hit me with a chair. I don't think that's completely inconsequential----and I'm pretty sure trying to snatch a bottle of liquor from our itsy bitsy boy doesn't require such an...extreme response."

Maybe he should get a bottle of booze for Dylan instead. It might do him some good.
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Re: Telemachus Rhade | Andromeda

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What? Harper?

Harper was born more than two hundred years after Gaheris Rhade died. But it's his First Officer's voice. The voice that betrayed him and the Commonwealth and Andromeda.

It's his First Officer's face. But as he's never seen it, bearded, hair far longer than he ever saw Rhade's.

But it's him. Him, or some insane trick.

"Who the hell are you?" he asks, the weapon still firmly trained at the guy.

(He killed Gaheris Rhade. He shot him and then he stood over him as he died, his heart breaking for friendship betrayed and a war started.)
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Re: Telemachus Rhade | Andromeda

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There's Rhade, rolling his eyes at you Dylan. If he ever met Gaheris, they were going to have words. Just because he understood why he did it, and would have done the same thing, didn't mean he deserved this shit. His great grandfather could at least buy him a drink.

"Telemachus Rhade. Ever heard of Nietzchean genetic reincarnation?"And since Dylan had no idea who he was and couldn't for the moment confirm this, he added. "And I'm an admiral. So do you think you could put that thing down before you accidentally fire it and blow my pretty face off?"

Rhade put his hands down, really hoping Dylan wasn't feeling especially trigger happy today and took a sip of whatever was in his cup.
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Re: Telemachus Rhade | Andromeda

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Telemachus Rhade.

Just hearing the guy introduce himself sends a shiver through Dylan, because it's Gaheris' voice. The voice he last heard murmuring he was proud because Dylan had defeated him. The way he says the surname is exactly like heading Gaheris reporting for duty again.

But it's not Gaheris.

Dylan stares at him, and his body shifts from an attacking stance to one more relaxed as he raises the lance so it's no longer aiming at Telemachus Rhade.

"For the record, I never accidentally fire my force lance." He spins it once, twice, before slipping it back into its holster.

"You're the genetic reincarnation of Gaheris Rhade."

He's heard of it, yes, but what are the chances, thank you, world, that of all the bars he happens to mysteriously appear in, it's the same one as the genetic reincarnation of the man who betrayed him and sold out the Commonwealth? Sometimes, he really does wonder.

"And apparently, I don't need to tell you that I'm Dylan Hunt, his captain."

And the man he betrayed.
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Re: Telemachus Rhade | Andromeda

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"Yes, I know you well Captain, and you are correct. I am the genetic reincarnation and direct descendant of Gaheris Rhade." There were other decedents of course. Gaheris had thirty children after all. The man was nothing if not prolific.

Even after all this time, Rhade couldn't figure out if he wanted to hug Captain Hunt, or kill him. For making him believe.

"I served on the Andromeda for a year, in what I would guess is your future.

"And for the record, there's a first time for everything." Telemachus extended his hand to his Captain's and offered the man a seat. "This must be very hard for you," Telemachus replied in a voice that said he wasn't sure if he cared or not. But he was leaning toward caring. Maybe it was all the alcohol.
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Re: Telemachus Rhade | Andromeda

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Of all the things he doesn't need right now, this has got to be one of the top of the list. He runs a hand down his face.

"You're telling me that you were on my crew. And I have never seen you before."

He shouldn't be as agitated by the guy's apparent cool as he is, but he can't help it. This is just wrong. Of course, if this guy served on his ship, they must have already had this conversation.

But he can't imagine letting that face and that voice back on his bridge. Not after the last time.

"Well, I'm guessing we've already had this conversation, but yeah. For me, I'd say hard is up there on the list of words."

But he lets the guy take his hand and offer him a seat because, yes, it's good manners, even when he doesn't know the guy. Better manners than drawing on him, at least.

And the lance is still within easy reach.
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Re: Telemachus Rhade | Andromeda

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"Time travel goes a bit beyond my pay grade, Dylan. But yes. As for this....situation" Telemachus gestured with his arms to Ten Forward, "It is what it is. And it could be worse. At least there's food and drink here." And with that Rhade ordered a good tall drink, since his cup was empty.

"I understand your concern.My ancestor did something terrible to you, even though he believed it was the right thing to do. I only hope that one day you'll learn to trust me, as my Dylan Hunt has. Or at least not shoot me in the head."

Whoever this Dylan Hunt was, he was still an idealistic bastard. This was the guy that would probably believed the universe was a wonderful place, even if it wasn't, and that they could make all the difference. Well, he was wrong. The universe hates you. Or at least, it hated Telemachus Rhade, almost as much as he hated himself.
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Re: Telemachus Rhade | Andromeda

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"Thought you said you were an Admiral." Not that in Dylan's time there'd be anything for him to be an Admiral in other than some local defence force which would not, in Dylan's mind at least, make him outrank a Captain of the High Guard. "It's not in my pay grade either, but that doesn't seem to stop it happening to me."

After all, he's a man three centuries out of his time. Not that it was, really, strictly time travel, but it was close enough.

Dylan takes a deep breath.

It's not Telemachus Rhade's fault what his ancestor did to him. Not in any other sense than that it was Nitzcheans' fault in general because Gaheris did it because he was a Nietzchean, with Nietzchean values he'd tried to warn Dylan about.

He forces himself to actually look at the guy, look at him and see him, not Gaheris' ghost. If this guy is telling him the truth and he served aboard the Andromeda Ascendant for a year, there must have been something that made Dylan trust him.

Or at least understand him well enough to know how best to make use of him.

"Trust's gotta be earned. But I'll start by not shooting you in the head for something that's nothing to do with you."
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Re: Telemachus Rhade | Andromeda

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Telemachus let out a groan. They were going to do this all over again weren't they? The universe hates him, and he was wondering what he did to deserve it's hatred. Wasn't it enough that he hated himself?

"Admiral of the Home Guard on the planet Tarazed. Lieutenant Commander in the New Systems Commonwealth." He didn't lie. He just...didn't elaborate. "I feel I should apologize as well. I didn't tell you the complete truth, and I will try not to let my irritation at my own Captain Hunt influence our relationship."

Rhade took a sip of his drink when it came, enjoying the feeling of self hatred that came when the alcohol hit his tongue.

"I appreciate that. The Nietzscheans you know, have known, are nothing but failures. They have betrayed themselves and their people with their own shortcomings. That being said, there will come a time when we will both understand what my ancestor did. And why."

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"That is what the bartender is for." Julian's eyebrow just raises, in his professional opinion you've had quite enough. He can smell the alcohol all over this newcomer that had just appeared in the seat across from him and his tea.

Really, he should just avoid Ten Forward altogether if this was to keep happening. He was just trying to enjoy some Cardassian literature in peace, thank you very much...
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He could probably use a bath too. There was a bit of a water shortage in the Seefra system. "Aren't you a helpful ray of sunshine," Telemachus scowled, slurring his words. Which was quite a feat for a Nietzschean. He was working hard at getting drunk and exploring his self hatred.

"So who the hell are you?" Looking around, it seemed that this ship was in the same dilemma as the Andromeda. She wasn't going anyway. Fabulous. "And why am I on a ship that's not moving?" For Andromeda, there was an easy explanation. There was no where to go, not that Dylan wasn't working on it. This? This was not his problem. And no one was going to make it his problem.

Of course, if Dylan were here, it would take all of 5 minutes before it became his problem. He needed a new captain. One that wasn't so....enthusiastic.
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Well, Julian wasn't going to comment, but now that you say something...anyway, he certainly tries. His cheer levels are a bit depleted at the moment.

"Doctor Julian Bashir, Starfleet. And it's not moving because the warp drive is currently offline."

Julian sips at his tea, noting the bone spurs on the man's wrists, and recalled what Trance had said, about Nietzschians. He had to wonder, was this man one of them, or was this just a stupendous coincidence?
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Well Rhade has no idea what a warp drive is, but he can figure it out. He's Nietzschean. If were stupid he probably would have been drowned as a child.

Well, it could certainly be that Julian's cheer levels were depleted, or it could be the dark cloud of angst that was Rhade sucking it all out of the room. He looked around. If it was a choice between this place and the hell that was Seefra? Fuck, he'd take Seefra. Even if there was no water, it was a hell of a lot more fun than this.

"Never seen a Nietzschean before, Doctor?" Telemachus scowled. Usually he's much more pleasant!
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"No, because you're in a different reality, and Nietzscheans don't exist here. Before now, obviously." You're currently sitting across from the closest thing to, Telemachus. "I've been told a bit about your people, by someone else pulled in from your universe."

The beige and tan colors of Ten Forward Julian actually finds quite relaxing--it's not as dark and shadowy and chaotic as Quark's can get, which is a welcome change.
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"Fabulous. I get pulled from Andromeda to the Seefra system, some sort of inescapable pocket dimension, and now I'm here. This is Dylan's fault. Or Trance. It's one of them, they did this."

He looked at his empty cup, wanting more but really to lazy and drunk to go get it.He hated to admit it but maybe Harper was right. And just because he was drunk didn't mean Rhade had lost all his manners, he gave Julian a mock salute. "Lt. Commander Telemachus Rhade of the New Systems Commonwealth starship Andromeda Ascendant." Telemachus narrowed his eyes, staring at the young doctor. "You've never really seen a Nietzschean." And on that thought he felt a little guilty. Rhade was not exactly in the best spot to be an ambassador of his kind. Until normal circumstances he'd be perfect. Unfortunately at the moment he was an unwashed drunk drowning in self pity.
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"Q, actually. Trance has been nothing but helpful--unless you ask the security officers." Julian rather likes her, actually. "Though I suppose that answers the question as to whether you know her or not."

Julian tilts his head toward Telemachus' cup. "What's your pleasure, Commander?" His tea's gone that unpleasant sort of lukewarm and he's feeling magnanimous. And curious, though indulging in the middle of Ten Forward might not be the smartest thing he's ever done. Safe enough, though, if he couches his questions in the trappings of an interested scholar and not the personal one of being an Augment himself, post-Eugenics or no.
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"Trance? Naturally, of course Trance is here. Figures. There are only 5 people on our ship with a crew complement of 4000. Yeah. I know her."

Telemachus forced himself to look around, and then back at himself. What a disgrace. It really was his luck. He meets this guy who has never seen Nietzscheans before. He couldn't have met him a year ago? Before his world went and died on him.

"Something alcoholic, if you would. No doubt I'm going to regret this in the morning." Rhade smiled at the man ruefully. "I"m afraid I don't think I can get up."

Rhade really did want to talk to the man. But he also really wanted his head to stop spinning and the opportunity to tell his stomach contents to stay where they were.
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"Well, the universe is a big place, and I didn't want to presume." Julian gets up from the chair easily, going back to the bar and returning after a few moments with something bright orange that he sets in front of Telemachus, as well as a glass of water, and a hot toddy for himself, because when in Rome. Yes, he can juggle all of those. He's a surgeon, dammit.

"Drink some water first, it'll help you stop looking so green around the gills." He sets back with his drink. "I can call a medical emergency if you pass out," he continues, a joking tone in his voice.

"Though on the scale of things that deserve a stiff drink, being shifted between realities ranks well up there." Cheers, buddy.
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Rhade chucked at that suggestion, and took a large sip of water. "Thanks. You might have to. I've already passed out once today."

Talk about embarrassing though. First Harper hits him with a chair to wake him up out of his drunken stupor, and then he might pass out in a bar on a strange ship while drinking with a doctor. Harper was right. He chose a crappy day to explore self hatred.

"That's a good reason, but not while I'm drinking. My family's dead. My children. My wife. My lover. The entire known worlds have probably gone to shit and I was stuck in some hell hole I couldn't get out of. And now, it turns out I'm stuck in a different hell hole." Of course that had been his excuse nine months ago too. It was such a good excuse he couldn't help but keep using it.

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Antagonizing Nietzcheans is a sport that Harper ranks quite highly in. If not at the number one spot. He'd kept himself alive this long and he wasn't planning on stopping now.

"I'm not getting you another drink." Look who's back Rhade. Harper is here to help. Though the definition of help may be a little questionable in itself. "I don't think you should be having any more."
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If antagonizing Nietzscheans was a sport, Harper was a gold medalist. He had lots of practice, including harassing this particular Nietzschean. He was just a few years shy of that practice. But it was pretty equal opportunity, right? Insult one Nietzschean, insult them all?

"Dammit Harper I want that bottle. And the pretty ladies who were combing my hair a few minutes ago." Thank goodness Harper also had adequate survival skills, and that Rhade was quite drunk and couldn't go after the engineer if he tried. Really hard.
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And in a flash of light, a green-coloured liquid in a glass will appear in Rhade's hand.

He's also being watched by a fellow just down the other end of the bar, head propped up on one hand.

"Well, I've never seen one of you before."
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Suddenly, he was holding a drink. A green liquid. "Thank you. What is it?" Rhade asked rather suspiciously. Green drinks that just appeared in your hand were ominous. Might be poisoned. Not that anyone would ever admit it.

"One of me? You've never seen a Nietzschean before? Where have you been?" His people were nothing if not prolific.