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TEST DRIVE #3 - Alien Bazaar/Ten Forward


Option 001. Alien planet, marketplace: So you're new to this whole space travel thing. The ship is cool and all, but there are hundreds of alien worlds out there. You want to explore. To see what the universe REALLY looks like.

Well, here's your chance! Your first stop is this lovely indoor marketplace, which looks kind of like a mall. There are stalls one after the other as far as the eye can see, and they sell all kinds of things: food, clothes, trinkets, animals, fabrics, jewelry, perfumes, books, etc etc. Some things look human, easy to recognize; other things look very alien. There are two levels, and constant chatter as people hawk their wares and discuss prices.

Do you want to explore? Poke at the weird shops? Buy a gift for a new friend? Flirt with someone at the food court? Maybe you see a pickpocket, and must run to the aid of the victim. Maybe there's some other villainy afoot. After all, a crowded marketplace is a good place for villains to lurk, causing trouble. Whether you're a hero or just an unassuming traveler, there proves to be some adventure for you on this planet.


Option 002. Aboard the Enterprise, Ten Forward: You have no idea what just happened. One minute you were home, and now you're on a spaceship, in the middle of a crowded room. It looks like a bar. There are people eating and drinking, some in uniform, others not. Some are clearly aliens.

You've managed to land in Ten Forward a long bar with barstools and a bartender, tables sprinkled throughout, and the far wall is nothing but windows out to space. It looks like a nice lounge, low conversation making the room hum.

Better ask some questions and find out where you are, or just tap the closest person on the shoulder and try to make friends. The bar is open.
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There is a dark cloud hanging over Moya. It isn't visible, but it has hung over the Leviathan and her crew for the last several arns. Aeryn and Crichton have been missing for nearly two solar days, with no trace of them to indicate where they might have gone. Something is wrong. Once more something inexplicable has befallen them. And with the birth of Moya's child getting closer and closer, there may be no escaping it this time.

Each crew member has been dealing with this in their own way. Zhaan has retreated to her chambers and buried herself in ritual and meditation. Chiana has become even shiftier and more nervous than usual - her weight always shifting, her head pivoting like a cornered gorlack at every corner of every tier. D'Argo is constantly pacing about the hallways, his eyes narrowed and his qualta blade drawn. Pilot tries to put on a brave face, but his voice - even more clipped and meek than usual - betrays his fear.

Only one person seems unaffected by all of this. That person is now hurtling toward the central chamber at full speed on his thronesled. D'Argo has done a good job of keeping him and Chiana from raiding John and Aeryn's personal effects. But the central chamber and its food stores remain unguarded - and there are now two fewer mouths to feed. That leaves all the more food for him.

At least it would, if he found himself in the center chamber as he expected. Instead, he seems to be in a strange alien cantina, surrounded by a host of Sebaceans in strange uniforms.

"CRICHTON! What the yotz have you done to Moya!?"
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