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Name:Guinan's Office - Ten Foward plotting comm
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:The Out of Character Community for Ten Forward Social Lounge RPG
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Welcome to the OOC community for Ten Forward RPG!

If you're thinking about apping with us, please friend this community to keep up with all of the latest announcements and OOC information. This is where we will post the dates for our Reserve and Application periods, our bi-annual AC, all plotting posts, and other relevant OOC information. We'll also have the occasional meme and fourth wall posts, just for fun. [community profile] ten_fwd_ooc is our primary way of staying in contact with every player, and it's a good place to let your hair down, ask questions, and meet other players.

Check out the links to the right for more information about [community profile] ten_fwd, or visit our Game Navigation.

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