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2016-Apr-04, Monday 07:38 pm
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Since both announcements were posted on Thursday night, we have received an outpouring of questions, comments, complaints, and confusion. First and foremost this post serves as an apology for the way things happened and the upset it caused many of you. But the most widely repeated comment has been that we should have been a lot more candid about how bad things were, and that's the main purpose of this post. We hope to answer everyone's questions as best as we possibly can.

☆ FAQ ☆

It seems like this is happening out of the blue. Why didn't you tell us how bad things were? We are so very sorry to take many of you by surprise, and we wish we could change that. This will be the fourth time the mods have made a public call for help. The last time, mentioned in our closing announcement, was in November. While the first draft of that post was more blunt, it was generally agreed upon by the mods that it might be taken the wrong way, and so it was edited down to put more emphasis on our hope that with new volunteers we wouldn't have to close the game.

The State of the Game was posted only four hours after the original announcement. If you were going to flip-flop, couldn't you have done that first and spared everyone the shock and upset? This is an extremely valid point. To answer fairly, we'll tell you how things went down. The closing announcement came out of a conversation which included all of the mods, and which lasted several hours. The team came to the decision together, and before it was posted the mods who were left reviewed the draft and approved it. The state of the game, which followed a few hours later, was only written by two of the mods and a player, and it along with the poll were posted without the rest of the mod team's knowledge. The rest of the team later found out when players started contacting Gabby with complaints and concerns, assuming since she had posted the closing announcement she had also posted the follow-up. That's when the first edit to the state of the game was made, in deference to the players who had complained and in an effort to explain the confusion. Not all members of the mod team even knew the state of the game had been posted until as late as yesterday evening.

Was the closing announcement just meant to scare/upset us? Absolutely not. Closing the game was the result of a lot of discussion. The state of the game post was the result of one mod taking the initial reaction on Plurk and trying to help. Once more players and the rest of the team were looped in it was already a committed post, and all we could do was damage control. It was positively not our intention to upset the game more than it already was, or make anyone feel like the game was taking a step backward or not listening to them.

I didn't even see the closing statement until after the state of the game had already gone up, and I felt like the decision had already been made so why should I bother to contribute? Overwhelmingly, some players have called out the state of the game for going up without giving the whole game time to see the closing statement, process it, or contribute their thoughts. In addition to feeling like it was in poor taste, some of these players felt like their opinions were being ignored or that they missed out because they weren't available before the poll went up. We absolutely assure you all that this was not our intention, and we cannot apologize enough for the way you were made to feel. We agree that the taste level and the tone set was poor, and it could have been done better to avoid all this needless upset. Unfortunately wishes aren't horses, things happened the way they did, and all we can do is listen now and try to make it up to you.

It's obvious the majority of players want more plots not less, so why are you suggesting we get rid of our IC mixers and all mod plots? and Activity is one of Ten Forward's biggest complaints, doesn't getting rid of AC seem like it will make the problem worse? The four suggested changes outlined in the state of the game post were thought up by the two mods involved, and influenced by some of the feedback received on Plurk. Our playerbase has always been a little divided on these two issues, and up to this point we have tried to toe the line to find a happy medium for everybody. Because things happened so fast and without input from a large majority, there is no one answer to these questions. Instead we'll provide some information. The post, including all suggestions, were written from the viewpoint that Ten Forward would definitely be changed to a semi-sandbox format, and as a sandbox it would no longer need AC or a complicated app. The post originally stated that mod-run game plots would continue as normal, but the mod who has been in charge of all game plots was not consulted first, and later reminded the two that continuing to run game plots was one of the reasons the team decided to close the game. When asking the two if anything had changed they said no, and rather than mislead the playerbase into thinking the current mod team could continue plots into a sandbox format, a correction was posted to inform the players of the mistake until definite provisions for mod-run plots were made. Ultimately the outcome of all these things will rely on majority vote in the polls as well as how many volunteers step forward.

So many people have volunteered to help keep the game open, why aren't you listening to them? We are absolutely listening to every single one of you. Because things went down poorly and it left a majority confused and upset, we needed to allow time for everyone to see what was happening and come to us with their thoughts. Ultimately the confusion needed to be addressed so players knew exactly what was going on, and would therefore know what they would be voting for or volunteering for. The way the state of the game was worded did make it sound like we had already decided what was happening, and that just wasn't true. We wanted everyone to feel like they were being listened to before we made any action that may potentially alienate or upset someone. We care about the game and all of its players, and if it can continue on in some form we are happy to see it do so.

☆ Results ☆

At 5pm EDT (GMT-4) we closed the original poll posted in our state of the game. Of our 61 current active players, 35 participated in addition to 3 non-player guests. The results ended up breaking down like this:

27 players - No Comment
21 players - Keep the game open and implement the new semi-sandbox structure with the stated changes
8 players - Close the game as it is
5 players - No Preference or Other

It's worth noting that the 3 non-player guests all voted to keep the game open implementing the new changes, which shows that there is still interest in Ten Forward even with non-members. So in the end 34.43% of members voted to keep Ten Forward open, with a cumulative percent of 46.15% total participants voting not to close it.

Although it shows that there is no one runaway leading opinion about the future of Ten Forward, there is definitely more than enough players and interested parties that we mods are not going to leave high and dry. You have all expressed a variety of suggestions in addition to your concerns, and so it's clear that before an ultimate decision is made you should all be given the opportunity to vote again this time with all the information at your disposal. So here we go.

Mods. First and foremost, there is a lot of misinformation flying around. We'll have a little more to say at the very end of this post, but since the point is seeing if anything can be done to keep Ten Forward going, knowing what's happening with your mod team is going to affect everyone's opinions. What everyone knows by now is that there are five mods and one volunteer mod helper, and that the six of us agreed to close the game. What you may not know is how this has all come to pass. Two members of the mod team stepped down, one completely and the other to a very small role, before the posts were made. Following the posts, some people have requested that Gabby step down, which she has agreed to do. Following that, two more members of your mod team have decided to likewise step down, which has left the math at one mod — Kippur — remaining with the game. This in part was why closing seemed like the best option, but there are at least two players who have volunteered to step up to full mod positions, and if they are committed to that then there shouldn't be any reason your suggestions can't be entertained. If, however, this does change your opinion of continuing, scroll down to the end of the post.

Volunteers. Over the weekend we have received a total of 8 volunteers: 6 for Research/Plots; 5 for Organizing; 1 for NPCing; 3 for Coding; 2 for Apps Processing. That covers a wide enough array that if these volunteers did want to step up, potentially the game could stay running in its current format. Ultimately that would be up to what the game as a whole decides, though. It's certainly enough to support a sandbox comm. Bear in mind, all but one volunteer stepped up for small, part-time jobs, but the state of the game wasn't written to express the need for a full-time mod team. So we didn't want to deflate anyone before finding out if full-time volunteers were a possibility.

Plots. Now that the whole game has more information on what's happening, hopefully this will clear up the remaining confusion on the status of plots. The mod who was in charge of the game's plots was asked to step down, which is why the announcement there would be no mod-run plots needed to be made. Obviously prior to the closing announcement, more plots and activity were one of our biggest player requests. Should the game continue in any format, we are completely aware that the majority of players want more plots, but if there are no mods we cannot promise mod plots. The correction to say that all plots would be player run is because at present the players are the ones volunteering to head up game plots. If some of those players become mods, then Gabby would be completely happy to hand over all of her notes and the queue of player-requested plots for a new mod to handle, in which event a new mod might have a different take on running plots for Ten Forward. Ultimately, it depends on our volunteers.

NPCs. In addendum to the above, since all TNG chiefs of staff (crewman) characters save one will no longer be player-run, they will have to exist as NPCs until/unless another player apps that character to the game. Since there was only one NPC volunteer, this will likely mean that having NPCs to interact with characters as has been the process to this point will be done away with or changed to facilitate plots only. For players currently in threads with an NPC/crew character played by Gabby, the offer to bring all of these threads to a happy resolution so no one is left hanging is on the table.

1st Suggestion: Keeping the game open as a sandbox, as proposed. Many people voted for this option, but there were also many who felt it was their only option other than closing the game. With the current administrative status, it is our leading option. But if a new mod team steps up then their ideas and others should still be entertained. Of those who commented, they were pro abolishing AC and the application period, but there were "no" votes for: changing the application, getting rid of our IC mixers, and getting rid of reserves. If a team steps up to take over, voting on keeping/removing these items will likely happen again to get an idea of where everyone stands. If no administrative team steps up, then the sandbox's original proposal will move forward with minimal admin and all plots being player run.

2nd Suggestion: Keeping the game as is with a new mod team to take over. Many were concerned that the four proposed changes in the state of the game ran contrary to what players had been giving input on up to that point: namely that activity and encouraging tagging out are two things Ten Forward needs more of, not less. Some changes obviously do need to be made to address everyone's concerns. This would be contingent on if a new mod team does step up.

3rd Suggestion: Replacing AC and Check-Ins with "What Has Your Character Been Up To?" posts. Rather than having to either submit a specific activity count OR have no representation of activity at all, a suggestion was made to instead have a "what has your character been up to?" check-in where players comment to show they are active while linking us to what their characters may have done in the game during that time. This would double as proof of activity and also give the game an idea of what's happening IC, without the stress of meeting a specific requirement.

4th Suggestion: Replacing all IC mixers with [multiple choice]. If the game continues and the mixers are done away with or changed, the following suggestions were made: 1) make rooming & sickbay part of the app process so it's done on an individual player basis; 2) have players switch off on posting sickbay/rooming/counselling logs, remaining at a once-a-month schedule; 3) combine sickbay/rooming/counselling, or leave them as sticky posts in an area where they can be indefinitely tagged.

5th Suggestion: Closing the game for at least one month, before re-opening it with the decided changes. If the game does change hands and re-open under new rules/perimeters, allow players who may not want to continue in the new style time to bring their CR to a desired resolution first, acting as if the game is closing, and then reopen it as a sandbox/etc. for players who will be continuing on. As mentioned above, NPC work can still be threaded out at this time for anybody who wants to take advantage of that. It will also allow time for people outside the comm to see that the game has changed, and refresh themselves on what the new rules might be.

6th Suggestion: Close the game as originally planned. Since this wasn't the popular vote it's not the likely outcome, but given we had many impassioned opinions shared with us as to why this would be the best course of action, we are not ignoring those of you who have said so. Additionally, some players who originally voted for the sandbox have since dropped, and with the confusion and misinformation it bears bringing up again so that foremost if and when a new team takes over they are going into it knowing what the game as a whole has to say, and secondmost that if players have changed their mind now that they know all the details they have the option to say so.

There were a number of other comments that are not represented above simply because they fell under the umbrella of one of the above, or might have been drastically affected by one of the above. We do hope we got everybody's questions and comments, however, as it was not our intention to leave anyone out. If you feel like you were overlooked, please do bring your comments to our attention again so that they can be counted with the final results.

Speaking of which, below is a newly revised poll to take all of the above into consideration. There will also be a "MODS AND VOLUNTEERS" top-level in the comments section, so that those who are still interested in continuing on can be re-counted and a plan of action hatched from there. Thank you all for your patience, and we hope this has helped at least a little. We are, again, so sorry for all of the confusion.

☆ Revised Poll ☆

Poll #17402 Ten Forward State of the Game #2
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 27

Of the above suggestions, check all that you agree with.

Yes, I want Ten Forward to stay open, and I'll volunteer to help!
9 (33.3%)

Yes, I want Ten Forward to stay open, but I can't volunteer to help.
10 (37.0%)

Yes, I want Ten Forward to stay open, but only if it stays the same
3 (11.1%)

Yes, I want Ten Forward to stay open as a semi-sandbox community but only if there are game plots
7 (25.9%)

Yes, I want Ten Forward to stay open as a semi-sandbox community no matter what
7 (25.9%)

No, close Ten Forward, but only for a little while so current players can resolve their CR before reopening the game as something else
0 (0.0%)

No, close Ten Forward permanently
5 (18.5%)

If Ten Forward stays open, I am for getting rid of AC
6 (22.2%)

I would like AC to stay the same, if Ten Forward stays open
3 (11.1%)

I think replacing AC with a "What Has Your Character Been Up To" post is a great idea!
14 (51.9%)

If Ten Forward stays open, I am for the proposed changes to IC mixers
7 (25.9%)

I would like the IC mixers to stay the same, if Ten Forward stays open
10 (37.0%)

Yes, change the reserve/apps process as proposed!
7 (25.9%)

No, keep the reserve/apps process the way it is
4 (14.8%)

I have another preference (option to tell us in the comments)
0 (0.0%)

☆ Acknowledgements from the Mods ☆

Before we brought this post to a close, we did want to acknowledge the way this has all been handled and those of you who were upset by it. We know that it hasn't been ideal for anybody, and as such we wanted to do all our players — past, present, and future — the respect of addressing that.

Many of you expressed frustrations that the team hadn't been more open with you regarding how bad things were. We understand that in being too gentle and not trying to cause undue panic prematurely, we left you, and by extension ourselves, unprepared for everything that went down this weekend. Really all we can do at this point is apologize. We over-censored ourselves to the point that most of you didn't know what was happening, and while from our perspective this is the fourth time we've been in this position, for many of our new players it seemed very out of the blue. Gabby especially apologizes, given many of the most recent updates came from a place of trying to reorganize, update, and soldier on, and that only leant itself to the overall shock of Thursday's announcement.

We understand that in the time since, many things have been said. Several players have alluded to conversations on Plurk, anon comms, and otherwise in private where the game's problems and the cause of those problems have been discussed in some detail. Some of these rumors may be true. Some may not. We don't feel that the game deserves any further drama from taking these point by point, so instead we simply want to thank everyone who has made Ten Forward the wonderful game it was and hopefully will continue to be, and apologize for the stress and upset the past four days has caused on everyone. We assure you that the mod team cares about all of the players on an individual, personal level, and any rumors to the contrary are regrettable, but we understand how things looked.

The past few days have been filled with tears for all of us and wishes that things had turned out differently; in our efforts to close the game with the least amount of drama possible, we only exacerbated it, and are ashamed that it happened the way it did with the effect it had on the playerbase and the game's reputation. Anger was a justified response, and the requests that you've made to the administrative aspects of the game likewise so. Just know that none of us are stepping away in anger or defiance. We absolutely want what's best for the players here, and as always since day 1 of Ten Forward, we want the players to ultimately decide what that is. It has been an absolute honor and pleasure being your mods, and no matter what happens that won't change for us.

Hopefully the bitter won't overshadow the sweet, and good times will continue to roll. We will support however the game's future goes in whatever ways we can, and always wish this community all the best.

Make it so.

- The Mods


2016-Apr-04, Monday 12:15 pm
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Reminding everyone that the poll which was opened late Thursday night will be closed today, and a complete State of the Game and FAQ will be posted answering all of the questions and suggestions received. If you haven't submitted your vote and/or your questions for us yet, please do so here or if you prefer you can contact us through our suggestion box or e-mail account:

We're aiming to close the poll by 5pm EDT (GMT-4) and post the FAQ as soon as possible thereafter.

Thanks, everyone.

State of the Game

2016-Mar-31, Thursday 11:25 pm
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Edited 4/02/16: please see the end of the post for an update.

State of the Game:

We have heard you, players, and the overwhelming response so far has encouraged us to regroup and take your suggestions into discussion. It’s true that this game still has so much to offer and its players still have many stories to tell. Manpower is the ultimate issue we’re facing, but after some consideration we’ve thought of ways to combat it.

Rest assured that you still have a dedicated mod team who is motivated to keep Ten Forward alive. We love this game just as much as you do.

However, as we’ve decided that changes need to be made, we now need to hear from you. After looking at the suggestions from Plurk and the closing announcement post, the mods have come up with a series of suggestions for the future of the game.

It’s always been more relaxed than most games, but we’d like to move a bit more towards a sandbox structure by simplifying the overall mechanics. We would like to implement the following changes:

  1. Removal of AC, but keeping a monthly roll call to ensure the players’ continued involvement.

  2. Simplifying apps and removing the application period. You would be able to app a character at any time you’d like. However reserves would also be removed so it would become a first come first serve basis.

  3. Removing roommate assignments and the monthly sickbay posts. Simplified alternatives might be put in place, such as player-run rooming assignments and one combined monthly welcome post.

  4. A number of small plot opportunities added to the current plot schedule, as well as encouraged player-run plots.

We would also like to put out a request for anyone to step forward who would like to dedicate themselves to being in a part-time, creative position. Expanding the plot and story of the game is something we’re very interested in doing and we’d love for more players to be involved in that.

Other ideas and suggestions are welcome and we might come up with more of our own as time goes on, but mostly our interests now lie in hearing your ultimate thoughts about the fate of the game.

We’d be grateful if you would take the time to answer our poll and also make comments below if you have them. We would love to hear from all of you.

The Poll will close Monday Evening.

This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 39

How do you feel about the future of Ten Forward?

Keep the game open and implement the new semi-sandbox structure with the stated changes
26 (66.7%)

Close the game as it is
8 (20.5%)

I have no preference/whatever everyone else wants
2 (5.1%)

Other (explain in a comment)
3 (7.7%)

ETA 4/02/16: In addition to the comments received below we have received a number of messages from players who are confused regarding conflicting information, as well as how the above proposed edits will take into consideration suggestions made from our last State of the Game all the way up through present concerns and suggestions. To that end we've realized that the brevity of this post might be misleading, and we would like to clarify by posting another State of the Game that addresses more of your suggestions, answers some of the FAQs, and specifically responds to those of you who have volunteered to help. Since the poll closes on Monday we thought we might post this FAQ on Monday, unless there are those of you who feel they cannot vote without this additional information because the options provided don't address your viewpoint. Please let us know if you are one of the players who would like this FAQ sooner than Monday.

However, two things should briefly be addressed now. The first is that the above proposed game changes are for the eventuality that the game IS turned into a sandbox. The four points above do not cover the reasons the mod team decided the game could no longer be managed. In fact, those four above game elements are some of the easiest elements of the game to manage. That leads into the second thing, which is that we incorrectly stated that if the game was turned into a sandbox the current plot schedule would continue as it has been. This is incorrect in that the inability to manage game plots is one of the reasons the team decided to close the doors, which means that if the game does go to a sandbox comm there would be NO mod organized game plots. As with most sandbox comms, plots would be up to the individual player.

We recognize that these two inconsistencies were hugely misleading in the way you may have voted on the poll, and for that we can only apologize. In the interests of full disclosure, this post was written by only two of the mods, while the other three did not know about it until after it was posted, and several key points were left out. We don't want to cause any undue frustration, but the positive response you players gave us was so bolstering that in our excitement we jumped the shark a little bit and did not fully express things out loud that we've been talking about so many times now as a team.

Please continue hitting us with your thoughts and questions either below, or for those of you who feel uncomfortable making a public comment you can continue reaching us on AIM, Plurk, by e-mail, or our Suggestion Box, where the comments are screened. Thanks! – The Mods

ETA the second, 4/02/16: If you need to change the way you voted, J has provided a step-by-step on how to do so. We have added further clarification in a reply there regarding this update, as it was still confusing to some people. Please let us know if you are still confused, we know discussion is happening in a lot of different places and we are trying to pull it all together in this comm so that everyone has a chance to see everything in an effort to clear that confusion up. Your patience and your love is deeply appreciated by all of us.


2016-Mar-31, Thursday 07:12 pm
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In response to people's responses we've added a poll and suggestions for continuing the game Here. Please let us know what you think!

Greetings, Ten Forward.

Gabby here, with a sad announcement on behalf of your mod team. Before I go on, I'm gonna assure everyone this isn't a terrible April Fool's joke, just in case there was any suspicion of that. This is 100% serious.

After several months of careful consideration, Ten Forward will be closing. We're sure this isn't a surprise for some of you, but for others it's likely a shock and an upset. We know many of you, especially our newest members, have come to Ten Forward from other games that are closing and a lot of you have been working with the mod team to work out CRAU updates and the like, and now that effort must seem for naught. For you, all we can do is apologize and explain.

Back in November of last year your mods at the time were going through some shifts in availability, and the subject of closing the game due to a lack of time and manpower first came up. None of us wanted to do this, and that is why we posted our call for help looking for volunteers to join the team. It turned up three volunteer mods and a small number of people who were interested in doing small projects to help the game. Everyone has worked very hard, but unfortunately a shift in RL circumstances has happened again, and as it stands it would leave the game operating under a skeleton crew who have other RL obligations to see to as well, and after much discussion we have come to the unhappy conclusion that such a small crew would not be able to keep up with running the game as it is now, or continue the massive catch-up work we've been doing to correct the coding errors and game info omissions many of you have brought to our attention. We are only about 40% through those updates at present, which means we still have a long way to go.

We know for many of you, myself included, Ten Forward has been an ideal game in the relaxed AC rules and the friendliness of the players and the mods, and that losing the game is probably a very unhappy prospect (I'm not even gonna talk about the rain on my face right now). It is a setting and a concept I have poured my whole heart into, and I am so proud of what's come from it and so happy I've met so many wonderful players through it, and I know those feelings are mirrored by the entire mod team. As such, if there was a way to save the game we would absolutely pursue it, and will leave comments on this post open to members of the community so that YOU can tell us how you would like to see Ten Forward go. At present, due to our overwhelming RL responsibilities, there are no plans for an endgame, as we don't have the manpower to write and initiate one IC, but we absolutely do not want to pull the rug out from anyone by just ending the game. A suggestion has been made to keep the game open as a sandbox comm, and if there is interest in that we'd be happy to do so.

Ultimately this means we will not be opening apps April 1st-7th, with many apologies to those who have reserved with us (and personal notes will be sent to each of those reserves to let them know the situation). How and whether apps open at a later time will depend on the feedback we receive from you, but at present we only have plans to keep up with things currently in play, making sure everyone's CR comes to a neat resolution and the game stays functional until we have a firm decision on the community's future.

We can't apologize enough for this inconvenience. Thank you to each and every one of you, past and present, who have made Ten Forward the game it is. As I've said, I'm so proud and honored to have gotten the chance to play with all of you.

With Deepest Regrets,
Your Mod Team


2016-Mar-28, Monday 12:29 pm
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Not that I've been particularly active recently due to a combo of school and being ill, buuuuuut:

For the next two weeks, I'm calling an official slowatus. I might still tag a little (and with the plot with Natasha, that's a priority) but otherwise, slowatus.

This affects Annie Odair (nee Cresta), Gaila betIlley and Natasha Romanoff.
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Our latest Sickbay log is now up and open for business. This month we have Dr. Beverly Crusher as CMO, and she will be assisted by her medical team of crackerjack medical professionals.

If you're new to the game, it's standard Enterprise procedure to quarantine those who have winked onto the ship until they can be checked for any terrible space diseases. Your character will be required to visit Sickbay for a standard check-up and a vaccine if necessary. Tagging in is optional and can be done at your leisure; if you prefer to handwave your character getting the all-clear from the docs, that is allowed. If you are tagging in, specify the name of the doctor you want in the subject line of your tag, and they'll tag you as soon as they're available. If you haven't made your IC Intro yet and would prefer to do that first, please feel free to backtag on the Sickbay log whenever it is convenient for you. It will remain open as long as there is a need for it. If you would like more details about sickbay, here's the wiki page.

Once your character has been cleared medically, they'll be released from quarantine, assigned permanent rooms, and allowed to move more freely around the ship. Restricted areas are, of course, still off-limits (such as the bridge, engine rooms, conference rooms, etc). Everyone passes through Sickbay once they arrive. Rooming assignments will be posted tomorrow, and the IC Rooming Mixer will go up on Sunday.

If you have any questions, hit us up in the comments below!

Rooming Reshuffle!

2016-Mar-23, Wednesday 08:58 pm
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Good evening everyone,

This is not your usual rooming assignment post.

Wait, what?

Yes, it's that time again where we have a mix up of all those who've lost roommates and those joining us. Any special requests can be posted here so they can be taken into account.

We'll have a finalized list posted soon, but if we have overlooked anything, adjustments can continue to be made until the IC roommate mixer goes up. If you see any glaring errors or omissions, just let us know. Starfleet officers may be given VIP quarters, but they still get a roommate unless otherwise specified. Our master list of rooms and roommates is located here.

ETA: The dice have spoken! The roommate list is as follows - if there are any questions, suggestions, or comments regarding assignments, please let us know in the comments below.

ETA the 2nd We apologize but due to a technical error involving some Cardassian voles, the roommate list didn't include all the people who needed new roommates. The following list is correct. Please let us still know if there are any questions, suggestions or comments regarding the assignments.


Deck 7
Room # 0716 - Amelia Pond – Donna Noble
Room # 0721 - Inara and Derek Morgan
Room # 0724 - Aeryn Sun & Paul-Muad’dib Atreides
Room # 0733 - Erik Lehnsherr & Raven Darkholme
Room # 0736 - Laguna Loire & Lady Siff
Room # 0741 - Kale McCallum & Jackel Egret
Room # 0742 - Myka Bering & Kristin Kringle
Room # 0744 - Yoda & Trever McCallum
Room # 0752 - Katherine Barlow & Olan’atar
Room # 0758 - Jack O’Neill & Kiera Cameron
Room # 0771 - David Nolan & Rory Williams
Room # 0772 - Harry Dresden & Wanda Maximoff
Room # 0774 - Katniss Everdeen & Agatha Heterodyne

Deck 9
Room # 0931 - Luna Lovegood & Kira
Room # 0933 - Paige Matthews Mitchell & Chris Halliwell

You all are Awesome! <3

2016-Mar-23, Wednesday 01:18 am
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Hey there everyone!

I just wanted to give a shout out and thank everyone who's threading with me for their amazing patience while I was sick. I'm so used to games having that attitude where if you are a slow tagger that it's something horrible. I love how this group is so open and friendly and welcoming to all tagging types.

In my case, I wasn't able to tag for about a week and a half - almost two - because of having to deal with a really nasty bug that's been devastating departments in my store. I think everyone in my bakery got it. I'm recovering thankfully, so I have more energy to tag and catch up so I can tag into new things. This involves DJ ([personal profile] lost_singularity), Kira ([personal profile] hasthegift) and Fujin ([personal profile] god_of_wind).

Again, sorry for the delay - but thank you so much for being so amazing. If there are old threads you have with me that you want to drop, handwave or finish off - it's totally okay! We can always start new ones. :) Just let me know in the comments or you can PM me! I'm also on plurk at [ profile] discwarriorlizor

I know I want to involve Fujin and Kira in the plant plot! DJ I'm not sure if he'd be really useful. I know Fujin for sure will want to be involved as it will be an excuse to get off the ship.

Anyhoos, it's off to bed for me since I have an early wake up call. Stay awesome Ten Forward! <3

Li (aka Vic)

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2016-Mar-22, Tuesday 02:44 pm
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Hey Ten Foward I have some sad news.

I'm going to be dropping Legacy. It was just bad timing on my part. I'm just not ready to play a character that has so much melancholy to work through. You guys are wonderful, so welcoming and I thank you so much!


End of March Plots!

2016-Mar-20, Sunday 07:19 pm
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It's the Spring Equinox for many of us in the northern hemisphere, and you didn't think we'd let March go out like a plotless little lamb, did you? ;)

ETA: An IC kick-off post is now live in the main comm!

Happy Father's Alien Abduction Day!

Today, March 20th, is International Alien Abduction Day, and with Father's Day having just passed (in parts of Europe and South America, don't worry America you still have 3 months to pick out the perfect tie for your pappy), Q has decided to show how much of a loving and kindly individual he really is and to get people to stop grumbling about how they miss their families.

For one week starting today and ending next Sunday, characters will have the chance if they so choose to talk to their fathers, or father-like figures. This can either be done using the comms system (pictured above), rather like a Facetime or Skype (or universe equivalent feature) conversation, no matter where or when the father exists. Why? Maybe there's some unresolved business between your character and their father. Maybe your character just wants to talk to them one last time...

For characters whose fathers are dead or don't exist in a time period with such technology, the holodecks will create a simulation of their father to interact with. (This will be a real conversation and not just a ghostly apparition, much like in the Superman franchise when Kal-El and Kara are allowed to talk to their deceased parents via hologram).

If your character has absolutely no desire to speak with their father, they may be treated to another glimpse into Father's Day... of the future... by speaking to what could be your character's future child. Just call Q the Ghost of Christmas Future. Possible future children will likewise appear to interact with your character via the holodeck simulations.

When this is done, characters who decide to give Q a Father's Day gift in return will be granted one wish, as long as it's a reasonable wish. So that means no wishing to return home, having someone else show up on the ship, deadly or rule-breaky items. This post is where your characters can make their Father/Aliens's Day wishes, and if Q deigns to grant their wish it will come true next Sunday, March 27th.

Two important notes: 1) since it is a Father's Day phone call, your characters will only be able to speak with their fathers. 2) once the comm/holodeck simulation ends, your character will not be able to bring it back up again. Q is bending the rules of space and time just for this one week.

WHO: Anyone can participate or not, as they choose!
WHAT: Q enabling daddy issues!
WHERE: The entire ship, including personal quarters and holodecks (or anywhere comm systems can be accessed)
WHEN: From today (20 March 2016) to next Sunday (27 March 2016)

Spring Equinox, Planetside!

Spring is in the vacuum? air! Flowers are blooming, birds are calling, all those pesky pheromones are in the air - but not all is hunky-dory for the Federation. Tonight, the Enterprise will receive a call for assistance from a Federation colony whose crops are failing, and who need the help of the ship's complement to recover before deadly consequences ensue. Luckily, the Enterprise just stopped at Pacifica on that botany mission, and happens to be carrying many seedlings, seeds, and helpful equipment the doomed settlement desperately needs. Not to mention, most importantly of all, people with skills and interests in planting.

The timeline will look something like this - the Enterprise will make landfall tonight, and the first characters who wish to help will be beamed ashore in the morning. With this plot, characters will be helping out with manual labor - tilling soil, maybe pulling weeds, et cetera. Anyone who decides to do so will be given an equinox-themed gift at the end of the plot - like a plant they helped grow, a basket of chocolate eggs, et cetera. What your characters end up with is up to you - so long as it's Spring-themed!

All volunteers who choose to spend the week helping in whatever capacity they can will receive their gift at the end of the week, before the Enterprise shoves off to commence with April's plots. Whatever healthy plants are left will be brought to a nearby space station to supplement their greenhouses, and while there the Enterprise may be picking up a few more things...

WHO: Anyone can participate or not, as they choose!
WHAT: Good Samaritan-ing, with gifts for their good behavior
WHERE: All happening in one settlement on the planet, free rein in the botany labs is granted!
WHEN: From tomorrow (21 March 2016) to next Monday (28 March 2016) with a few days buffer to wrap things up before April

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Hello everyone! Congratulations to all our players (and mods) who survived finals week (yay spring break!), and welcome to all of our March applicants! It seems like a great time to party, so let's roll out the red carpet and do some mingling, shall we?

As we're all excited to get to know everyone and play with your new characters, us mods are here as always to answer any questions you may have, so you will see some helpful links below to get you and your characters started. This space can also be used to meet, mingle, plot CR, and update other players on who you play and where their Intros are. LET'S MAKE IT SO! Engage.

OOC contact/IC info: We are currently running a 2016 Roll Call! to update our records, so if you're new or you haven't hit this post already, this is the place to submit your contact info for our OOC contact post and your IC do's and don'ts list so we can plan for upcoming game plots. This post will be open until March 31st, so be sure to tag it soon! If you need a mod, all of our contact info is right over here.

Game updates: We strongly recommend you join, follow, and/or track our OOC Community, [community profile] ten_fwd_ooc. It's the best way to stay up to date with the game and any announcements from your mod team as soon as they happen. For you Plurk users, we also have a mod account over at [ profile] ten_fwd where we try to mirror all of our OOC and Meme comm announcements.

Getting started: You can intro your character as soon as you have your game clearance. The standard setup is to be winked into Ten Forward by Q, but you can also tag into someone else's post or enter your character anywhere that isn't in a restricted area (ie: the bridge, engineering, crew operations). If you need special arrangements—such as an immediate Sickbay visit—leave a comment letting us know.
Quarantine, Sickbay, and Rooming: Your characters' first few days on the ship will involve a lax quarantine to guest quarters, Ten Forward, and the lifts/hallways between the two only, until they've passed a basic medical check and had some vaccinations. There will be an open Sickbay log posted next Friday for the checkups. After their Sickbay visits, characters will be released from quarantine, assigned permanent rooms, and allowed to move more freely around the ship. All new characters are assigned a room and a roommate by random draw. There will be an OOC post about room assignments Monday, and an IC Roommate Mixer will go up the Sunday following our Sickbay post, so characters can mingle. This will include a linked IC tour and introduction to the ship.

--> More questions on WHERE TO BEGIN? Head over here!
--> Need more BASIC INFO about life on board and in the Star Trek universe? Head over here!

Plotting and CR: March's plotting meme is located here, or you may leave a comment directly to this post if you're looking for any particular plots or CR for your character. Plotting/CR Memes typically go up the last week of every month, as do announcements for next month's plots/events and a log swap meet. We have bi-annual optional How's My Driving? Memes, and quarterly Handwaved/Offscreen CR Memes as well. The links will take you to our most recent ones.

Activity Check: Our activity checks are bi-annual, and our next AC will run this summer. If you'd like more information on AC and what it entails, you can find out right here. We have a monthly check-in on non-AC months, which will run concurrent with apps opening and closing. No activity is required for check-ins, just a comment that you're still with us out there!

Are there any other questions? Did the mods overlook something important? Please feel free to contact us, night or day, using the e-mail address tenforwardmods [at] gmail [dot] com, or leave a comment on this post. We'll get to all your questions as soon as possible.

We look forward to meeting everyone! Come, say hi in the comments below!


2016-Mar-19, Saturday 10:11 am
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Sooo, my laptop just died and how quickly I will be able to replace it depends entiirely on how much money I have left after I do some stuff with my car this weekend.

I have my tablet with a keyboard attached, but things tend to be slower on it. But my sister has offered to lend me a computer when I go home this weekend, so this should just be temporary. :/

This impacts Finnick [personal profile] fishermansweater, Jonas [personal profile] a_quick_study, and Simon [personal profile] osirian_doctor.
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[Mod Note: Reserves are now OPEN for April applications, and March's applications are being processed through TODAY. Thanks, everyone!]

This weekend, [personal profile] app_this_plz will run. In case you don't know what that is, it's a community where Dreamwidth roleplayers and Dreamwidth roleplaying games come together to help people looking to enter new games find a place to play their characters. Think of it as a big shopping mall where people can look at what various games have to offer all in the same place.

If you have a cast member that you'd love to see in TF (or a character we don't have that you'd love to play with), copy the following text into a comment to this post, fill it out and press enter!

When our ad goes up, I'll post a link to the thread here. Here is our ATP ad for March/April! Any further requests can be commented directly on our ad. Here's last month's ad, if any past requests need revisions. Note that April does mark the first month that any characters who were wiped during AC may be re-apped.
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Hey everyone!

I'm just dropping a quick note here to let everyone know that as of this IC log, turbolifts on the Enterprise will start going haywire. This will not affect all lifts, just the ones your willing characters will use to get stuck. ;)

Because of the delay, we're extending this plot to include the real-time dates of March 15th AND 16th, though the date all of this is happening IC will remain March 15th only! Emma Swan's player had some personal matters to take care of, hence these adjustments.

As for the lights flickering, that will happen around the time Emma is giving birth, which will likely be several hours following the first turbolift malfunction. The birth plot is locked to those who made pre-arranged plans only, and will all be threaded out until its conclusion, so naturally handwaving the passage of time for your own logs is love. :)

If you have any questions, hit up the original OOC anouncement and I'm sure someone will grab you asap!
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Hi all~

I am so sorry first of all that this post is so late in coming. My real life has been insane with work and family emergencies, but I am here now, so onto the plot.

On March 15th (Tomorrow) there will be a ship-wide power flicker that will affect the operation of the turbo lifts.

Emma, has a history of giving birth in odd places, so she will be trapped in a turbo lift with Captain Picard and Kaylin, and will go into labor, sorry Beverly!

You as a player base can have your characters trapped in turbo lifts as well if you so choose. This is not a mandatory plot at all, but it is something that will be happening on the ship tomorrow.

Thanks for your time, and again I am sorry for the lateness, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask them here, or plot here.

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2016-Mar-12, Saturday 11:58 am
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Howdy all. This is GW, declaring another hiatus. My computer died, and then ship did my new computer. So, it might be a bit. Sorry all.

This affects Alex Rogan, Booker DeWitt, Harry Dresden, Merlin, and Thor.
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Hello, my lovely, lovely people.

I'm putting in a shout-out for my Spring Break Hiatus, which will be a trip to a Grand Canyon. Hiatus time is pretty much starting tonight, with my last night here in town, running all the last minute errands and packing all the last minutes packings, and runs until Sunday/Monday a week from now.

There is every chance I might be able to make some appearances online during this time, but it's safer to blanket out this time period for what it's most meant for -- having an amazing time in Arizona, exhausting myself completely everyday in the blissful, beauty of that big hole in the ground and seeing it in every way I can until I have to come home and be an adult and teacher again.

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2016-Mar-08, Tuesday 04:35 pm
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Hey guys, just wanted to make a quick note here, but as I'll be having a drastic shift in my work schedule in the near future, I'm needing to make some shifts in my RP to accommodate for the less time I'll have to play. So sadly, I'm going to be dropping Prue. She could come back in the future when things settle down, but for now, I must send her back home.

I'm still here with H.G. Wells and Mara Jade though!


Canon (AU?) update

2016-Mar-05, Saturday 11:29 am
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Hi, guys. This is Sage reporting that finally~, after way too much stalling on my part, I will be bringing Sinthia Schmidt back into TF as a grownup! This will be today, and I wanted to give folks another heads-up, since as mentioned in my last notice about this there will be a couple differences in her when she comes back in.

First and most importantly she won't remember anyone she met. She might not tell people this outright, but she'll have gone through some trauma that messes with her memories and chances are unless we've discussed a way for her to retain some mental piece of your character she won't know them from Adam's off ox (other folks from the MCU she might know *of* in as much as their presences would make sense for a HYDRA operative to be familiar with, but won't know personally). This does not mean she can't be reminded of relationships, just that if you ask her without any preface she'll probably just stare at you blankly. Just something to keep in mind. ALSO there is a post here for permissions if you'd like to edit yours or, if you're new, add your own comment!

I sincerely hope this makes her easier to play around with, not being a tinyperson (which has been loads of fun but I'm running out of ideas, given I never intended to keep her as a kid more than like six months from first entry and we're way, way past that), and that she regains a lot of friendships. As always I'm more than happy to talk or work things out, just look me up on plurk or AIM or drop something in my inbox. <3

Unwilling Break

2016-Mar-03, Thursday 10:26 pm
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First my internet got shut off and I didn't know when it would be back. And now my laptop is broken. I may be able to use my wife's old one once we get her new one assembled but I'm not getting my hopes up at this point. I'll do my existing tags at the library tomorrow and discuss hand waving the outcome of them. I'll be back as soon as I can. Sorry everyone I was writing with.

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This is the OOC (Out Of Character) plotting community for the journal-based RPG [community profile] ten_fwd. Questions / comments / concerns / other OOC communication can be directed here.

We'll also be hosting apps, test drive memes, and more fun games and exercises here each month. Kick back with a Romulan Ale and come chat with us!


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